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It is an extremely effective treatment without injections and pain. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts. Restores firmness and youthfulness to the skin. The application is done with special serums, whose absorption by the skin is increased through an innovative device called Dermapen. This device looks like a pen that has small thin needles on its head and with which we achieve small nodules on the skin.


This is one of the oldest methods of transferring active substances to the deeper layers without causing skin irritation. Galvanic current is a direct current with low voltage but constant intensity, which always passes in one direction. Ideal method for skins in which we want the penetration of ingredients without causing any irritation.


Thanks to modern ultrasound technology, sound waves applied in circular motions to the skin initially result in deep cleansing, ease of opening the pores and optimal penetration of the products. Facial mesotherapy is achieved through ultrasound and can help treat wrinkles with the penetration of Hyaluronic Acid Ion Active Serum, tightening and improving the oval of the face using Retinol 1% Ion Active Serum, acne scars using Niacin Ion Active Serum and Whitening and smoothing skin tone using Oligopeptide Ion Active Serum. The serums in combination with the respective integrated protocols of specialized treatments of Dermalogica penetrate successfully with the method of ultrasound.