Radical depilation is a method of permanent depilation ideal for hair that cannot be treated with other method such as white or blond hair.


It is a method of selective-targeted destruction of hair regenerative cells, with the help of a special direct current conduction device (electrolysis). With the help of an extremely thin, sterile and disposable needle, we enter precisely at the lower point of the hair follicle (hair root). At the same time, we supply controlled current of short duration and voltage, electrolyzing in this way and destroying the pocket. Then the hair can be easily removed without any resistance.

A technique that requires patience, precision and experience. Local anesthetic cream is used before the treatment, so that it is considered a well-tolerated procedure. The average duration of the session is variable, as the whites and blondes in the desired anatomical area (chin-cheeks-upper lip-chest) are treated “hair-hair”. 

The results of the method are excellent and visible in many cases from the very first application. Thus, depending on the thickness of the hair, a significant percentage of weak and fine hairs are destroyed in the first session, while the harder final white or blonde hairs gradually degenerate, until their complete destruction. 

The recommended interval between electrolysis sessions is about one month.