Enzymatic or biological depilation is an effective method for delaying and future removal of unwanted hair growth, which is done by the penetration of appropriate enzymes into recently depilated hair follicles. It can be applied to non-hormone-dependent areas such as legs, armpits and bikini, it has amazing results when applied to hormone-dependent areas such as upper lip, cheeks, neck, abdomen, buttocks and arms. Achieves a gradual reduction of hair growth up to 30% for dark hair and up to 50% for fluffy hair. One of the great advantages of enzymatic depilation is its ability to reduce existing hair growth in hormone-dependent areas, where wax worsens it.

The method used is the following:

  •  Disinfection of the area to be depilated
  •  Waxing  
  •  Enzyme application (chymotrypsin, papain, bulbain, etc.). These enzymes have keratolytic properties. When applied to depilated skin they penetrate through the newly depilated follicle and aim to destroy the regenerative cells of the hair.
  •  Cover and anti-inflammatory product