We enhance your beauty


At the Esthetician Institute of Aesthetics, we apply the Phibrows Microblading method to create the perfect eyebrow, according to the ideal proportions of each face. As is well known our eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face. Their shape, inclination and position on our face characterizes and through them the emotions of each person are revealed.

With the specialized method of the semi-permanent makeup Phibrows Microblanding, we create a very natural result, implanting dye interdermally on the skin, forming fine hairs identical to our natural ones.

The same natural result with this method can be obtained even when there are no natural hairs at all.


Tattoo removal is possible and safe with the method we use at the Esthetician Institute of Aesthetics. The application of the removal method can be carried out in:

  •  Old Semi-Permanent Makeup or Tattoo
  •  Poor Quality Semi-Permanent Makeup or Tattoo
  •  Color Diffusion
  •  Bad Shape
  •  Color Change (Red, Blue, Gray, Purple…)

The tattoo removal process is evident almost immediately after the first session. They may need more than 2 applications to complete the removal of semi-permanent makeup or tattoos, but the results of this method are immediately visible.

The final result after removal is a skin without scars, burns or marks, since ONLY the surface layer of the skin is affected, which regenerates very quickly!