We enhance your beauty


At the Esthetician Institute of Aesthetics we recognize that a woman’s look is the A and the Z, so the correct application of eyelash extensions can give her the ideal result and to achieve this we apply the One By One method.

 Proper placement gives length, thickness and density to the lashes in a completely natural way but at the same time giving a very impressive result. 

About 150 lashes in each eye thicken, but also enlarge the existing lashes.


The Lash Lift method immediately achieves the straightening and separation of our natural lashes without the use of extensions or harmful chemicals. It is a natural solution for eyelash extensions, which is achieved by turning the lashes. After the application, it is as if you have used a really excellent and waterproof mascara. 

The shooting process takes only a few minutes, but the result is visible for many weeks, while unlike the extension lashes, you can rub the eyes or wear makeup without affecting the duration of the method.