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Deep facial cleansing is very important because it is the inaugural cure for all the people who want a clean and healthy face.

 It aims to remove the surface and deeper sebum, dead cells and environmental pollutants with the aid of cosmetic products and aesthetic machinery. 

The purpose of cleaning is to help the face breathe and be refreshed.


Clear start is a method that specializes in a healthy start for teenage skin. It consists of formulas that are effective for acne and gentle on the skin. It can cause blackheads or small white cysts. We can prevent its development with the professional protocols of Dermalogica at the Esthetician Institute of Aesthetics. It is certain that with with timely and proper care combined with proper nutrition rich in fruits and vegetables we can minimize it.


Acne mainly affects adults and especially women. It can appear even after 40 years. However, it is a very common phenomenon in the ages of 20 - 40 years. Adult acne mainly affects the chin, jaw line and neck. Lesions appear red, irritated, deeper lesions than those of adolescents, of various sizes and can be quite painful.

The appearance of this acne can be due to hormonal factors, stress, heredity, smoking, obesity, poor diet, excessive sun exposure, wrong make up, wrong care products etc. One of the methods suggested by the Esthetician Institute of Aesthetics is Active Clearing after a facial deep cleansing. This is an personalized method that achieves very good results not only in skin lesions but also in its premature aging, through the targeted action of  Niacinamide Ion Active Serums, Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 has antimicrobial, sebum and sedative properties. At the same time, it activates the lipids of the skin, so that it remains hydrated, thus enhancing the elasticity of the skin and reducing the appearance of new wrinkles.


Hydrodermabrasion is the most modern method of cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Simultaneously with the antioxidants (vitamins, peptides, etc.) that contain the products we use during treatment, we maintain the firmness and youthfulness of the skin.

With triple action of hydrodermabrasion we achieve:

  •      Deep Hydration
  •      Exfoliation of the skin in a natural way
  •      Facial rejuvenation and glow
  •      Smoothing wrinkles and imperfections
  •      Removal of black spots without pressure
  •      Improving blood circulation to the skin


The beneficial effects of Diamond microdermabrasion on adult female acne, are obvious from the beginning. This method unblocked the occluded sebaceous pores painlessly, without irritation or injury. Diamont microdermabrasion is a modern method of exfoliation that is milder than other types of exfoliation, painless but with equally spectacular results. It is achieved mechanically, by rolling the diamond head on the skin, removing the dead cells of the keratin layer and the excess sebum. It applies to the face, neck, arms, neckline, even the chest. The results are immediate and appear at the end of the first session. The skin stays soft, clean and smooth. With this method we can deal with melasma and other irregularities of the skin, enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. So revealing a face refreshed and full of glow.


 This treatment is the fastest and strongest exfoliation option, designed to remove acne damage, improve skin clarity while soothing redness and inflammation. Specialized in the regulation of sebum and oiliness. The valuable mixture of Green Peel consists of 11 herbs, rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that interact with each other to achieve the desired results. It does not contain any chemical additives or acids, it is the most dynamic but at the same time natural safe method of exfoliation and deep regeneration. Ideal to provide solutions to many skin problems such as seborrheic, acne and dilated pores. At the same time it brings excellent results in skin problems such as scars caused by acne, accidents, burns, etc.


Led - DERMALUX phototherapy is the most modern, safe and effective process that increases the vitality of cells and stimulates fibroblasts through photostimulation in a completely natural way. The skin cells are exposed to the beneficial light of various frequencies int the range of visible light using color specific LED, without being exposed to harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

By exposing cells to the light energy of LEDs, we help the skin with a range of issues that concern men and women of all ages.

With BLUE light, it fights the signs of acne (propionibacterium), offering relief and a healthy look to acne prone skin. It also acts on the sebaceous glands, reducing sebum production and shrinking its dilated pores. It also reduces redness, irritation, discoloration and freckles, so the skin becomes radiant with a much firmer appearance and soft texture.